Protection Cover Ultrasound B.V.

Company profile

PCU is a young and dynamic company that was founded in 2007. Due to our pragmatic and no-nonsense approach, we represent some of the leading companies in the industry.

PCU is a manufacturer of high-quality medical disposables, both sterile and non-sterile, which specializes in the production of both latex and latex-free, ultrasound probe covers. We own a latex dipping-line and PU seal equipment. We also supply a complete range of sterile equipment covers.

PCU BV sells products to distributors, and is also an OEM supplier of several leading medical companies. We also supply directly to the Dutch end users.

We have all knowledge and production resources in-house, so we are able to make prototypes in a short time. If the cost of production and/or assembling of the product in the Netherlands is too high, we can outsource the products.

We can also play a role in the development and production of medical devices using other techniques such as injection molding and vacuum forming. We can also provide the packaging process, whether or not in cleanrooms , for the products you require.