Protection Cover Ultrasound B.V.

Camera covers

A complete assortment of disposable camera covers for different procedures

  • Laparoscopic procedures.
  • Hysteroscopy procedures.
  • Arthroscopic procedures.

Variety of designs for various needs during laparoscopic, hysteroscopy and arthroscopic procedure.

  • Securely fits around endoscopic cameras.
  • Integrated closing adhesive tape for improved closing.
  • Telescopic fold for quick and effective draping.
  • Camera cover material allows clear visualization of all draped areas.
  • Latex-free.
  • Covers are made of high grade clear polyethylene.


Camera cover 1 Camera cover - closed system 2 Camera cover - Krayton tip 3 Camera cover - Folded tube 4 Camera cover - Folded tube - Closed system 5 Camera cover - Folded tube - Krayton tip 6 Camera cover - Paper Card Accordion Tube - Krayton tip 7


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